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High-Powered Performance

Sync All of Your Devices

Your whole home works together from your TVs to your home automation to your security cameras, all of the equipment in your smart home will have a tie to your network.

Why Your Network is Important

Your equipment runs best when it’s all connected within a network. It’s not something you see, but it’s vital to your home experience as a whole. Whether you’re streaming high definition movies, gaming, or utilizing multiple smart devices, we’ll make sure your network is operating at the highest level without slowing down your WiFi. We utilize the internet everywhere in your house from the upstairs closet to the downstairs office. Not only that, you have the option to automatically update all of your equipment simultaneously when the time arises.

WiFi Monitoring

Get a WiFi signal in every corner of your home, and receive reports on how well your network is performing to ensure you’re getting the best speed possible.

Fast & Reliable Equipment

The network within your home guarantees all your devices and equipment are secure and optimized for speed to execute at peak performance no matter the occasion.

Luxury home experience with Sellhorst

Powerful Connections for Easy Living

Why is my home network important?

The home network is the circulatory system that supplies your Audio Video system and your connected devices with the data that keeps them operating. Rather than having inconsistent service speeds or coverage due to lack of planning, we can help formulate a plan now to ensure your home network will blend into your home, and operate to maximum effect.

Do I have to use the modem supplied by my internet provider?

No, with some providers you can supply your own that may even add some speed to your internet. In doing so, you can save on the monthly cost of the modem rental fee from your internet provider.

Why use a wired connection when I can use the WiFi?

If you have the option of using a wired internet connection to your television or other device, there is no reason not to. Not only will this offer better consistency in your data transfer, it ensures you have the best and most reliable connection possible. Yes, you can use the WiFi network if needed, but while you are in the planning stage, there is no reason not to plan on getting a wired connection to these devices.

What is the difference between a modem and a router?

Both are necessary components for a wired and wireless internet access in your home. A modem is essential to connect to the internet and is the gateway to the internet from you internet service provider. The router is a stand alone device that connects to an ethernet port on the modem and “routes” networking and internet traffic to it’s connected devices.

Does the location of my router matter to my WiFi coverage?

Yes, it absolute does. Any barriers along the line of sight between the router and connected device can degrade the WiFi signal. Plaster or brick walls tend to have the most negative impact, but any obstruction including cabinets and furniture can weaken the signal. A centralized location is very important in only a router is going to be used. Wireless access points can also help when locating the optimum location for the router.

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