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Integration Services

Enjoy your home with Sellhorst’s premium audio & video integration services. We can combine your TVs and speakers for a seamless entertainment experience in any and all rooms in your home. Amplify your entertainment to fit your needs, from whole house audio distribution to surround sound speakers for your home theater.

Amplified entertainment with Sellhorst audio & visual integration services
Sellhorst surround sound for your home theater
  • TV & Speaker Integration

  • App Control

  • Home Theater Surround Sound Options

  • Music in Every Room

Surround sound for your home theater

What is audio distribution?

It is the ability to fill your entire home with music and sound from all the sources that are important to you. From streaming Pandora in the kitchen, putting the game on in the living room, and local radio in the home office. Or, grouping rooms together, allowing the same thing to play throughout your whole home.

What is video distribution?

These higher end systems provide high resolution video from any source to any display/TV. One source can also be played on all displays on the system. Designed for both small- and large-scale applications, the system is custom made with your needs in mind.

What is the difference between surround sound and stereo sound?

A surround sound is designed to provide a sound field in front of you, to your sides, and behind you while playing on five or more channels of audio. Most modern movie soundtracks are recorded in surround sound while most music is recorded in stereo. Stereo consists of only a left and right speaker and is only playing on two channels of audio the surround sound is tied to. TV/Video stereo is mainly for music distribution.

Projection vs Television?

With larger TVs, people are using 70- to 90-inch TVs in theatre rooms. However, when a larger size is necessary, a projector is the best option. TVs can provide a better picture, but some higher-end projectors will compete.

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